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28. 2. 2022.

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Graduate double major, specialization in Teaching

Croatian Culture postgraduate doctoral university study programme

The programme is held at the Department of Croatian Language and Literature at the University of Zagreb's Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb; it also involves teaching staff from other departments at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and other faculties in Zagreb (Catholic Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Economics and Business), scientists from research institutes (Institute of Art History, Institute of Ethnology and Folklore, Croatian History Institute, Institute of Anthropology, the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts' Department for the History of Croatian Literature, Theatre, and Music, the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts' Historical Sciences Department in Dubrovnik, Croatian Film Archive), and teaching staff from other Croatian universities (Osijek, Pula, Rijeka, Split, and Zadar).

This programme's innovation lies in its connections between the most important components of culture. The programme focuses on the interdisciplinary study and understanding of important components of culture, the interaction of styles in culture in general and Croatian culture in specific, and the understanding and evaluation of material, spiritual, and social values in Croatian culture. It also endeavours to direct the special scientific interests and needs of students, as well as to broaden their horizons to international trends in culture.

The head of the study programme is Dr. Davor Nikolić.

Curriculum of the Croatian Culture postgraduate university study programme (PDF)

Croatian Philology in the Intercultural Context postgraduate university study programme

The Croatian Philology in the Intercultural Context postgraduate study programme is a reformed, modernised Croatian language doctorate programme that prepares students for scientific research projects in the linguistic and literary science fields of philology. The basic goal of the programme is to prepare doctoral students for various scientific research and professional needs in the field of philology (linguistics or literary science) with a special orientation towards the Croatian language and Croatian literature. In this sense, doctoral students are prepared to implement and develop the knowledge they gain. The programme takes a linear approach to Croatian studies, Slavic studies, and the comparative and/or intercultural components of philology as a basic discipline in the humanities.

The innovation of this postgraduate programmes lies in its expressly interdisciplinary nature and its collaboration with similar programmes both in Croatia and abroad; the programme continuously opens new research fields within linguistics and literary science, Croatian studies and comparative linguistics, as well as areas related to them (Croatian studies). The programme is especially innovative in its constant implementation of the most recent research methods and discoveries.

The Croatian Philology in the Intercultural Context doctorate programme in Croatia is a central postgraduate university study programme. As compared to similar programmes abroad, it is both more comprehensive and more detailed. It allows greater opportunities in various specialties; it also allows foreign students to apply, especially from EU countries, whom this programme will train as researchers and/or teachers of Croatian language, literature, culture, and literature. The programme is thus aimed at Croats and speakers of Croatian from neighbouring countries (e.g. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Slovakia, Italy).

The head of the programme is Dr. Tvrtko Vuković.

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